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    We start with data-driven research to understand your audience and to meet your organization's website goals.


    We design clean, user-friendly website experiences that connect with your users and convey your brand's identity.


    No juniors. We only hire experienced Drupal, WordPress and Rails website developers.


    Our dedicated support team keeps your website running smoothly. 

Our Experience

  • Kanopi for Nonprofits

    At Kanopi Studios, we understand that each visitor to your site has the power to advance your organization's mission. Our user-focused approach to design, usability and development will help you to convert users from visitors to donors, volunteers and ambassadors.

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  • Enterprise Level Solutions

    Whether you're a small entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 company, Kanopi Studios' data-driven approach delivers websites designed with your business needs in mind.

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  • Drupal for Higher Education

    Drupal is the preferred platform of Higher Education institutions and for good reason. Its robust CMS allows you to manage student, faculty and alumni data. Anything from bios, to research publications and news articles, Drupal can handle. Our experienced team architects solutions to meet the needs of your website's diverse audiences.

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  • Kanopi for Agencies

    We take your big ideas and combine them with our technical know-how and what do you get? Websites that blend seamlessly with your client's branding or communications campaign. We have a long track-record of partnering with advertising and marketing agencies to deliver a superior product for their clients.

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Latest News

Shiraz Dindar, one of Kanopi's Sr. Drupal Engineers, shares his experience as Lead Developer for the launch of the Mukurtu 2.0 website, a grassroots, socially-relevant technology project empowering communities to weild their digital heritage in culturally relevant and ethically-minded way. It is open source, the code is clean, and it serves a righteous purpose.
Wed, 25 Jan 17
In addition to sponsoring BADCamp 2016’s Nonprofit Summit, Kanopi’s CEO Anne Stefanyk and Technical Lead Oliver Seldman hosted one of the breakout sessions titled, “How to Carefully Draft an RFP to Find the Right Vendor”. While all in attendance agreed that avoiding the Request For Proposal process entirely was ideal (when possible), we discussed several key take-aways that can help lead to a more successful outcome when working with an RFP.
Fri, 20 Jan 17
One of the hottest topics in Drupal circles this past year is the concept of Component Driven Design to streamline front-end development and theming. While atomic design principles are not new to the design community, the introduction of twig in D8 provides those of us designing for Drupal a unique platform to integrate tools like Pattern Lab and KSSNode and break free of a world constrained by flat PSDs. Awesome right?  Now what?
Tue, 10 Jan 17
Colleges, universities, and other higher education institutions are a lot of things to a lot of people. They’re filled with some of the smartest people on the planet who are trying to share their information with not only their peers, but also with laypeople and prospective students. Some institutions have hundreds of departments, each with its own goals and priorities. So how do you build a website that meets the complex and multilayered needs of higher education?
Mon, 12 Dec 16

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