Anne Stefanyk, CEO

Anne Stefanyk

Chief Executive Officer
Katherine White, Director of Engineering

Katherine White

Director of Engineering
Jessica Skewes, Director of Strategy

Jessica Skewes

Director of Strategy
Jill Taiji, VP of Operations

Jill Taiji

VP of Operations
Denise Beyer, Technical Support Manager

Denise Beyer

Director of Support
Allison Manley, Director of Marketing & Communications

Allison Manley

Director of Marketing & Communications
Tim Tufts, Senior Website Project Manager + Producer

Tim Tufts

Senior Website Project Manager
Matthew Luzitano, Senior Drupal Architect

Matthew Luzitano

Drupal Support Engineering Manager
Shane Robinson, Technical Lead Drupal & WordPress

Shane Robinson

Technical Lead Drupal & WordPress
Nikki Stevens, Drupal Architect / Tech Lead

Nikki Stevens

Drupal Architect & Tech Lead
Paul Sheldrake, Senior Drupal Themer & Engineer

Paul Sheldrake

Senior Drupal Themer & Tech Lead
Sean Dietrich, Drupal Engineer

Sean Dietrich

Drupal Engineer & Tech Lead
Natalie Semczuk, Support Project Manager

Natalie Semczuk

Support Client Lead
Darlyne Dolap, Executive Assistant

Darlyne Dolap

Kanopi Cultural Ambassador
Kim Murphy, UX Designer & Themer

Kim Murphy

Visual Designer
Fonda Carranza, User Experience Strategist

Fonda Carranza

User Experience Strategist & Designer
Will Jackson, Drupal Commerce Engineer

Will Jackson

Drupal Commerce Engineer
Jason Savino, Senior Drupal Engineer

Jason Savino

Senior Drupal Engineer
Shiraz Dindar, Senior Drupal Engineer

Shiraz Dindar

Senior Drupal Engineer
Jim Birch, Senior Drupal Engineer

Jim Birch

Senior Drupal Engineer
Carlos Zúñiga, Drupal Themer & Engineer

Carlos Zúñiga

Drupal Engineer & Themer
Anne Bonham, Drupal Engineer + Themer

Anne Bonham

Drupal Engineer & Themer
Tommy Sliker, Drupal Engineer & Themer

Tommy Sliker

Drupal Engineer & Themer

Cindy Williams

Drupal Engineer & Themer

Danny Englander

Sr. Drupal Support Engineer
Adam McFadyen, WordPress Engineer

Adam McFadyen

WordPress Engineer

Damon Sharp

WordPress Engineer
Vicki Drever, Digital Strategist

Vicki Drever

Sales Coordinator
Tanya Threlfall, Sales Coordinator

Tanya Threlfall

Client Services

AmyJune Hineline

Community Ambassador
Ricky Pugh, Quality Assurance Engineer

Ricky Pugh

Quality Assurance Engineer
Matt Wahba, UX Strategist + Designer

Matt Wahba

UX Strategist & Designer
Rory Douglas, Drupal Engineer

Rory Douglas

Drupal Engineer

Jonas Flint

Support Engineer

Alanna Burke

Drupal Engineer

Kristy Barash-Simpson

Drupal Engineer & Themer
Jodi McIsaac

Jodi McIsaac

Mac Eisenberg, Ruby on Rails Engineer

Mac Eisenberg

Ruby on Rails Engineer
Scott Knauss, Security Expert

Scott Knauss

Security Expert

We take pride in our unique ability to bring clarity to web development projects.


We take the time to listen, seeking to understand your goals, your audiences and your organization's structure.

We are transparent communicators who work to de-mystify the process and ensure successful outcomes.


We design on the web, for the web. Kanopi takes a human-centric, data-driven approach to our design work.

We believe that the most successful websites come from doing the research and letting data guide our work. Our focus ensures your website is not only beautiful, but also highly functional.


Whether your needs are big or small, our sites are clean, modern, responsive, and user-focused, to make a lasting connection with your audience and deliver results for your organization.

Kanopi (pronounced canopy) emerged from our love of treehouses. Treehouses are not just breathtakingly beautiful but are also incredible works of architecture. Kanopi vowed to build a web development company upon that same foundation - beautiful design and strong architecture.


Kanopi founder Anne Stefanyk has a long history of involvement with the San Francisco Bay Area Drupal community. She saw a need for a web agency based on user- and data-driven strategy and exceptional customer service.

At Kanopi, our decisions—whether it’s strategy, design, development, or support—are based on solid data gathered through user-focused research.

The result? Websites that strengthen brands and help organizations succeed.

We're also so much more.

Woman profile line icon

We're woman-run and family-owned.

Anne started Kanopi with her sister Jill in 2010, and together they’ve grown it into a world-class website strategy, design, development, and support agency with 26 employees...and counting!

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We're data driven.

We believe the strongest, most successful websites come from doing the research and letting the data guide our work. From there, we’re able to make intelligent strategic, design, and development decisions.

We're experienced.

We only hire the best. All Kanopi employees have a minimum of six years of experience in their chosen technology or field, and each have over ten years of experience working directly with the web. Combined, we bring the collective experience of hundreds of Drupal, WordPress, and Ruby websites to your project.

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We’re forward thinking.

We believe your website should never, ever become static or outdated in the minds of your audience. We are thought leaders in the industry, which means you can trust us to keep your website on the cutting edge.

Profile of head with question mark inside, line icon

We’re curious.

We make decisions and provide services based on the user experience and using the best data available. We take pride in our unique ability to bring clarity to thorny business problems. We go way beyond tickets and tasks, and think critically and creatively to generate solutions.

Two people talking with speech bubbles above their heads line icon

We’re communicators.

We value partnering with and actively listening to our colleagues and clients, while delivering concise, professional, and timely communication. We speak plainly and don’t get bogged down in jargon. And we always have time for a conversation.

Three people grouped together in a circle line icon

We’re a community.

Or maybe a modern family. Remember what we said about only hiring the best? While many of our team members are in California, we are a fully-distributed company, located all over North America. This means when we look for the best talent for the job, we can go right where the experts are. The only thing we’re missing is the office snacks.

Drupal Association Organization Member

We are proud members of the Drupal Association and active community contributors. The Kanopi team includes Acquia-certified staff, Drupal 8 core contributors and contributed module maintainers. You can see our contributions on

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