We Went to DrupalCon Seattle!

DrupalCon Seattle 2019 has come and gone. We had an amazing time learning and collaborating with the community.

We were so excited about it that we made a Spotify playlist made up of all Seattle bands.


So much great music has come from Seattle, you’re bound to find something you like.



Our community liaison AmyJune staffed the Core Mentoring booth on Wednesday and Thursday. She also did two workshops:


Kanopians spoke at three sessions:

Birds of a Feather (BOFs)

BOFs are a great way to have intimate discussions on topics, and collaborating with peers is one of our favorite things.


Each Kanopian collaborated all week long while at DrupalCon! We saw Jim, Jason, Cindy, Kat, AmyJune, and Sean as they joined other Drupalers in helping to push the Drupal project forward.

Thanks to everyone who attended and made such a special event possible!

Presentation Videos

Deep Cleaning: Creating Franchise Model Efficiencies with Drupal 8

Presenters: Anne Stefanyk and Katherine White

COIT offers cleaning services and 24/7 emergency restoration services and their 100+ locations serve more than 12 million homes & businesses across the United States and Canada. But their own website was a huge mess. In this case study we will cover the more technical parts of this Drupal 8 implementation.

How to Work Remotely and Foster a Happy, Balanced Life

Presenters: Anne Stefanyk

In this session, we will talk about how to be the best remote employee, and will also provide strategies and ideas if you are a leader of a remote team. We will talk about key tactics to keep you (and all other staff) inspired, creative, productive and most importantly, happy!

Allison Manley

Allison is a recovering (and award-winning) designer who applies her creative and organizational skills to marketing strategy. Her diverse, multi-disciplinary background — which in addition to design includes glassblowing, publishing,...

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