Quiz: Is it time for a full rebuild or a focused fix?

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There are a number of realities out there when it comes to your website. 

Reality #1: You have to have one!

In today’s world, it is difficult if not impossible to be successful without a website for your business or organization. 

Reality #2: Technology moves quickly.

It is difficult to keep up with the pace of change, but it can also be costly to your reputation and results to fall behind. 

Reality #3: Your website will always need attention.

The days when you could launch a website and call it done are long over. The most successful organizations are continuously evolving their sites based on changing technology, customer insights and industry trends.  Knowing all of this, it’s likely that your website could use some love. But do you know whether it could benefit most from a focused fix or a full rebuild? What if you could meet your goals and continue to make progress on your site without the major expense and time commitment of a full rebuild? 

Take our quiz to diagnose the next steps for your website.

Do you understand your audience and their decision-making journey? 

1. Super clear
2. Clear
2. Mostly clear
3. Unclear

How hard or convoluted is it for your organization to make decisions?

1. Super easy
2. Smooth, but slow
3. Tricky
4. Super challenging

Do you have pressing events, deadlines or organizational goals that require a refreshed site as soon as possible?

1. Nothing immediate
2. Yes, but it can wait
3. Yes!
4. Serious crunch time!!

Do you currently have the capacity for a rebuild (including funds, staff time and opportunity costs)?

1. Yes!
2. Very soon
3. Within the next 1-2 years
4. Unclear

How old is your website technology?

1. Ancient and crusty
2. Old
3. Recent within the last 3-4 years
4. Modern, updated within the last 1-2 years

Is your site WCAG 2.0 AA compliant?
(WCAG 2.0 AA is an accessibility standard that is rapidly becoming the expected norm and is required of some organizations)

1. We need to be, but I’m not sure how to make it happen
2. We need to be, and we have a plan
3. We should be, but it’s not required 
4.  Yes!

Is your site responsive? 

1. No
2. We’re ready for that, but haven’t started
3. Yes, but we have no mobile strategy
4. We are fast and mobile-focused

How is the quiz going? Contact us if you need help with your project.  

Is your site working to help you hit your goals and improve your audience engagement?

1. Ha, no
2. I’m not really sure
3. I think so, but I’m not sure how to tell
4. Yes!

What’s your score?

Give yourself:
1 point for each 1 answer
2 points for each 2 answer
3 points for each 3 answer 
4 points for each 4 answer

What does it mean? 

If you scored: 

8 – 15 points: It’s time to get going on a full rebuild and redesign of your site. What are you waiting for? 
16 – 24 points: You are in the middle ground and need more analysis. We can help! Schedule a free solution session to discuss.
25 – 32 points: We recommend a focused fix to extend the life of your current site, continue to evolve it and get the most out of your existing investement  

Anne Stefanyk

Anne's background is in business development, marketing and technology. She is experienced in managing all facets of a business and has a technical understanding allowing her to interface with engineers. She has years of professional Drupal hands-on experience from basic websites to large Drupal applications with high performance demands, multiple integrations, complicated migrations, and e-commerce including subscription and multi-tenancy.

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