Quiz: Is now the time to switch to Drupal 8?

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At Kanopi Studios, we help a lot of clients with Drupal migrations, whether they are migrating from other platforms or from older versions of Drupal. While the choice to migrate is rarely straightforward, it can be especially complicated when clients are deciding whether it’s the right time to migrate from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8.

In the spirit of the quizzes I spent my childhood taking, here’s a way that you can think about whether the moment is right to migrate.


Is there a Drupal 8 feature that you’d like to implement on your site?

  1. Yes, and we really need it
  2. Yes! It looks cool, and if it weren’t too much work, we’d love it.
  3. Not really.  We have everything that we need.


Is your site running slowly?

  1. Yes! And we’ve done everything we know how to do to fix it.
  2. Sometimes, but it seems like some tweaks might solve our problems
  3. Nope, pretty zippy.


Do you have a lot of custom code?

  1. Not really, mostly just contributed modules.
  2. Not too much, and what we have is well-documented.
  3. So much we don’t even know how much and the people who wrote it are gone


Is your site in a really-specific industry or field?

  1. No, our business offerings are pretty easy to understand.
  2. Kind of.  It takes some figuring out, but once you learn about our business, it all makes a lot of sense.
  3. Yes, we’re very niche.


Answer key: 

If you answered: mostly As:  
You’re a great candidate for a Drupal 8 upgrade.  

If you answered mostly Bs: 
It sounds like you’re fine where you are, but an upgrade could provide you some extra value.

If you answered mostly Cs:  
You should probably wait to upgrade until it’s a business necessity. Depending on how true a lot of the Cs are for you, upgrading could be time and cost intensive.

Ready to make the switch? We’re here to help.

Contact us for an evaluation of what it will take to migrate your website to Drupal 8.

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