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Our Happy Agency Partners

The Kanopi team is awesome. We appreciate and love working with everyone we've encountered. Jess has been incredible and was perfect at leading the client through the technical scope. Savino's even-keeled, calm and knowledgeable attitude is so appreciated.

Maggie G.

Mule Design Studio

My in house development team is really, really small. And I’m the “full stack” dev, which means I’m the answer lady. I love doing a little of everything, but I’ve had a great time working with so many smart people over at Kanopi. 🙂 It’s been hugely refreshing.

Katherine W.


Finding Kanopi was a relief. The team was professional, responsive, and kind. They were able to provide a good level of structure for our project while still dealing with the various last minute decisions my team had to make. I wholeheartedly recommend them, and am excited to work with them again in the future.

Dori R.

Solar Mosaic Inc.
Maggie G. Mule Design Studio
Katherine W. nFusion
Dori R. Solar Mosaic Inc.

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