Government sites house tons of information and forms, some of which can be daunting. We make it all approachable and searchable.

Our Happy Civic Clients

I can’t thank you enough for all of the work performed to bring our site back! I am greatly appreciative of your assured responses and willingness to wade into the issue without prior knowledge or relationship. Your assessment of our site’s needs and clear recommendations will ensure stability and security at The Academy.

Michael M.

Michael M. The Academy/South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium

We work with our civic clients to build seamless relationships — with their colleagues, constituents, voters, information-seekers, and the public at large.

Our Capabilities

Expert Level Development

Ruby on Rails
Responsive Theming
Multilingual Integration

Superior Strategy & Design

Information Architecture
User Experience Design
Content Strategy
Graphic Design
Responsive Design
Rapid Prototyping
In-Browser Design


Strategy Sessions
Design Enhancements
Monthly Maintenance
Module and Security Updates
Performance Enhancements
Feature Additions
Landing Pages

Contract Vehicles

As a federally recognized women-owned, small business, Kanopi offers opportunities for government agencies to conduct business through direct award opportunities on Search for Silly Monkey Studios LLC DBA Kanopi Studios.

Additionally, government agencies can seek our services through several contracting vehicles.

City and County of San Francisco

Custom Drupal Services

Kanopi Studios is Pre-Qualified for Service Area 1 (Custom Drupal Theme Design Services) and Service Area 2 (Custom Drupal Development Services)

The Technology Marketplace

Kanopi Studios has an existing and successful relationship with two notable Technology Marketplace Contractors; En Pointe Technologies, Inc., (Tier 1A – Generalists), and AcademyX, Inc. (Tier 2B – Specialists). The Technology Marketplace represents a pool of pre-qualified contractors, selected through the competitive solicitation process, that provide the City with information technology-related goods and services.

Kanopi is experienced working in the government space. We understand the needs of government sites and their users, including accessibility, governance, and the importance of ongoing support.

We attend as many government-focused conferences as possible in order to understand the issues facing most content editors as they endeavor to make the internet work better for those who need access to government services and information.

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