We create the project foundation based on the project goals and user needs. Our process is extensive and includes user personas, sitemap architecture, content inventory, page goals and wireframes.

User Experience (UX) Design

UX Design is a user-centred approach that involves researching, analyzing and understanding how a person uses a website or service.  At its core, is a deep understanding of users’ needs, goals, values, abilities and limitations.  Our User Experience specialists marry the science behind usability with the emotion of the user, to generate and develop user-centric solutions.  Simply put, we study the user...and then we think like them.

Services Include:

Usability Testing

  • Observing real life users interact with the site to identify usability issues, assumptions and barriers to conversion.

Site Stakeholder Interviews

  • Speaking with representatives of key audiences the website needs to serve about their needs and preferences.

Usability Review and Strategy Sessions  

  • UX heuristics checklist, planning sessions  and documentation.

Customer Journey Mapping with Personas

  • Creation of buyer personas mapping out how they need to interact with the website: priority initiatives, success factors, perceived barriers, decision criteria and ultimate conversion path.

Mental Model

  • A chart that describes the user tasks of a site and the various ways the system can support these behaviors. Where behaviour is not supported, you have potential for content and feature development.


  • A series of digital sketches that map out the display logic of page elements and illustrate key screens for re-design and development planning.

Mobile & Tablet

  • Assessment of the site on common mobile devices to identify any usability issues as well as responsive plan for ideal mobile conversion path.