We study your organization and your audiences, uncovering insights to ensure the best solutions.

Kanopi digs deep to understand your goals and your audience. We establish a strategic north star to guide the process, resulting in greater engagement and conversion.

Insightful Strategy

We start the process with research — an essential step to understand you and your users. We live and breathe your business needs, priorities, preferences and requirements. And we collect data and conduct research to immerse ourselves in the needs and mindset of your audiences.

We turn this information into principles that serve as our guiding light for constructing your site experience, informing everything from content recommendations to site architecture to design patterns and site features.

Focus on audience needs to create engaging content and a user-friendly experience.

UX and Content Strategy

Our User Experience specialists marry the science behind usability with the emotion of the user, to generate and develop user-centric solutions. Simply put, we study the user … and then we think like them.

Our content strategists apply audience research in assessing your site’s content to examine voice and tone, identify content gaps, make recommendations on content creation and organization, and inform design to ensure that content is structured and presented appropriately.

Strategy Services

Stakeholder and Audience Interviews

Your website is a reflection of your brand. Informed by research, Kanopi will strike the right balance between branding and user needs to create an engaging website with the right messages for your audience.

Personas and Journey Maps

Personas map out the mindsets and needs of your key audience types, including success factors, barriers and decision criteria. Journey maps identify interactions with your brand, from awareness to engagement and ultimately, conversion.

Content Strategy

We assess your content against audience needs and best practices, making recommendations for voice and tone, messaging and structure, content gaps and creation priorities and governance.

Sitemap & Architecture Planning

We create logical, scalable structures to ensure that your content is easy to find and that your organization has room to grow.

Wireframing and Prototyping

Kanopi takes a mobile-first design approach and develops a series of digital sketches that map out the display logic of page elements and illustrate user interactions and content hierarchy. Extending those into page layouts and clickable prototypes allows for rapid iteration.

User Data Collection

Collecting information about how your users want to interact with your website helps us orient around the best solutions to foster engagement.

Usability Testing

We observe live users interacting with your the website to identify usability issues, assumptions and barriers to conversion.

UX and Content Audits

We offer Strategy working sessions to meet your needs, which can include UX heuristics reviews, content and competitive audits, design and interaction optimizations and roadmaps for immediate and longer-term enhancements to your site experience and content.

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