Web Design

Bringing strategy to life with a combination of art and science

Visual design is an evolution of your site strategy. Our designers are artists with a sophisticated talent for creating in a dynamic and responsive environment.

Visual Design

Design brings strategy to life and translates wireframes into full color, creating a visual system that is both useful and beautiful. Deliverables may include mood boards, style tiles, page mockups, pattern libraries, and style guides. Our designers creatively construct stunning websites that not only help you to communicate your messages, but encourage your users to take the action.

Our Design Services

Brand Awareness

We work to leverage your brand into a visual website experience that will serve as a lasting asset for your organization.


We start with a high-level look and feel that becomes the visual language of your site, establishing fonts, colors, iconography, imagery and more.

Visual Landscape Analysis

We can analyze your current site design, considering modern design trends, best practices and user needs to create a roadmap for immediate and longer-term design enhancements.

Responsive Website Design / In-Browser Design

Once your design elements and language have been established, Kanopi will apply them to develop full-page mockups for key templates, taking a mobile-first approach.

Application Design

We create a series of digital sketches that map out the display logic of page elements and illustrate key screens to support development planning.

Wireframing and Prototyping

Kanopi takes a mobile-first design approach and develops a series of digital sketches that map out the display logic of page elements and illustrate user interactions and content hierarchy. Extending those into page layouts and clickable prototypes allows for rapid iteration.

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