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Structured Data: Architecting SEO Magic

  I am fond of saying that I love to “put things in things.” I am a serial organizer, who can’t go anywhere near a Container Store. By trade I’m an architect, which means organizing and structuring information into logical constructs. In this regard, my brain is a lot like a search engine; seeking comprehension […]

Defining Done: Understanding User Stories

A website redesign can be a daunting undertaking. As soon as an organization embarks on this kind of project, the jargon starts to fly. The amount of technical know-how that seems necessary to make intelligent, informed decisions can feel paralyzing. Internal business stakeholders can be difficult to wrangle. Everyone has an opinion. Different divisions have […]

Web Accessibility 101

What do we mean by Web Accessibility? At the highest level, web accessibility means that all the information and functionality on your website is accessible to any person, regardless of their individual needs and challenges. Sites that are well-designed and developed make it possible for everyone to be included in the exchange of information online. […]